Popularity is widely used in industries such as on rigs, factories, construction sites.
Multi Gas Detector Target detection device for specific gases are present in the area. This is the type of device used to detect gas leaks or the gases concentrations in the environment, when the discovery of gas can create sounds or Emmy wireless signal to alert the staff in areas where leaks occur, so they immediately out of the danger zone. This is the type of device the vitally important and necessary because there are many types of gas that can cause damage to life and property.


Each line of products have different features with more choices to customers with easy access to the characteristic advantages from the manufacturer.

BW Clip 4




Honeywell hand held detectors BW Clip 4
2 years without calibration

Just one compact device on hand, asked not need to probe the complex gas. You can easily choose BW clip 4. Ability to multi-gas detection easy
features simple easy to use with just one button. Especially inexhaustible energy source always available and does not need to turn on charging within 2 years.

Advantages of the product:

  • Multi gas detectors target
  • Detectors are 4 basic gases: CO, O2, H2S, LEL (flammable)
  • No need to charge, no need to replace the battery & sensor
  • Continuous operation within 2 years
  • Price competition, not lose calibration costs
  • 2 years warranty

Gas detectors popular RAE Systems QRAE II
with high durability, competitive price

Portable multi gas detector line features compact design, have discovered four types of gas in enclosed space. QRAE II Raesystem Pump is designed for continuous measuring and monitoring of air concentrations of O2, H2S, CO and fire gases in dangerous areas. The customer can choose to purchase the AutoRAE Lite to automatically calibrate the machine, load data and quickly rechargeable …

Advantages of the product:

  • Detector for 4 basic gases: CO, O2, H2S, LEL
  • O2 sensors have high longevity
  • Sensor high durability guaranteed until 2 years
  • There are 3 warning: picture, sound, vibration
  • The battery can replace or recharge • water resistant, dust and shock resistant
  • Easy replace pump, sensors, filters, battery
  • 2 year warranty,


VOC gas detection equipment advanced, wireless RAE Systems Multirae

Series offers many features, customized to track and detect up to 6 gas, 2 sample for measurement option type pump and measured diffusion type. With more than 25 sensors are selected from the best devices of the same type, it can check for organic compounds volatile VOCs, flammable gas, and a variety of gas hazards, as well as track standard oxygen levels, creating a great choice to protect users and detect the leakage of gases in a variety of industries and applications.

Advantages of product:

  • Optional integrated wireless
  • 25 sensors can be used interchangeably, including PID, NDIR and exotics as Ammonia, Chlorine, Formaldehyde
  • Sum of includes 190 kinds of VOC emissions and 55 kinds of LEL (flammable)
  • It have the ability to measure up to 6 gases different (device Multirae Pro)
  • Anti-dust and waterproof (IP 65)
  • Design definitely
  • The battery used for a long time, than the same type
  • Save measurement data continuous air
  • Calibration automatic machine with AutoRAE 2
  • Warranty 2 years

Solutions of Gas Detection Wireless unique on the World

In order to solve the problem of limited distance, with the devices connected to each remote help measure accurately and more efficiently. Also aids in continuous monitoring without human impacts in the environment need gas detectors. The solution is a collection of devices including transducers, intermediate device (RAELink3) and the control center. Comprehensive solution to data automatically synchronized and updated continuously sent to the manager.

Advantages of products:

  • With fixed probe mounted and track 24/24
  • The device is connected and make remote data center
  • Reduce manpower
  • Solution between RAE associated Point, RAE link3, ProRAE Guardian
  • Comprehensive solution for automatic data synchronization and updated continuously sent to the manager


Calibration of Gas Detector help establish exactly values the sensor on the air at the same time. It help to express the concentration of the reference properly with the surrounding environment. So we should gas detector calibration 6 months to air operations to achieve the most accurate measurement results.

In parallel with the gas detector calibration, DLV Corporation was the support from many famous companies in the world, we offer repair service with specialized equipment and technical support to Serie of the gas detectors.

For those customers wishing to use small and limited, we also have gas detector rental service to multi indicators with affordable rates.


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We offer multiple gas detector product types with distinctive features came from famous brands are leading the world.


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